Why Is My Dog Peeing Inside?


Dogs that are potty trained usually eliminate outdoors where they’ve been taught to go. However, some dogs start peeing in the house again for different reasons. If your dog is peeing inside, keep in mind that this can happen for any of the following reasons. 

New Move

Moving to a new house can cause your dog a considerable amount of stress. Whether you move locally or to another state or part of the country, living in a new place means that your dog has to adjust to unfamiliar surroundings. This change in living situations can cause some dogs to start peeing inside the house again. Your dog might do this due to stress from the move, or she might be marking her territory if dogs from previous homeowners had accidents in the house. Give your dog time to get used to her new home, and make sure she knows where to go when she needs to eliminate. 

New Addition to the Family

Having a new baby or pet in your home can also cause your dog to begin peeing. She might do this if she doesn’t think she’s getting enough attention, or she could be doing it from stress caused by this big change. Give your dog plenty of attention, so she’ll be less likely to feel jealous of a new baby or pet in the house, and make sure she has plenty of opportunities to go outside to eliminate. 

Health Problems

If your dog hasn’t experienced any major changes and continues to pee inside the house, schedule a visit with your vet. Your dog might have an underlying health problem that’s causing her to have trouble with her bladder, such as a bladder infection. Your vet can determine if a health issue is causing this change in her behavior and provide treatment if needed. 

Help your dog to let you know that she needs to go outside by giving her a new method of alerting you she has to eliminate. Read our bell training blog here.

Whether your dog pees in the house due to stress or health reasons, don’t punish or yell at her for doing so. This can cause your dog to become fearful, which can make the problem worse. Stay patient with her, and keep taking her outside to eliminate as usual while also making sure she gets treatment for health issues if needed. If stress is causing this behavior, try to ease it by giving her positive attention.

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Natalie said:

When my 9-year-old German Shepherd started peeing inside, my veterinarian said, “It must be a behavioral problem.” He was wrong. The dog had cancer of the spleen, and the four-times-normal-sized spleen was pressing on the dog’s bladder. By the time this was discovered and the spleen was removed, the dog lived only a month longer.

Verna Lucey

Verna Lucey said:

My girl is a rescue, she came paper trained but likes going out. we have to keep her out of the bird room because she pulls papers out of the cage. but we’ve been noticing if were in the bathroom even though she’s been out and I’ve put her paper in front of the bathroom door. she will still go pee a tablespoon in the kitchen. She’s blind but doesn’t know it. I really think for what ever reason in that little double Terrier head she’s doing it on purpose.

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