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Help! My dog drank some of my Coffee. Is this bad?

Are you worried that your precocious pup might end up injuring themselves or worse from sneaking a drink of your coffee? For pups and people the saying "everything in moderation" applies.

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Wag Your Tail Spotlight - Featuring Gracie

We have a very special dog this week for our Wag Your Tail Spotlight Dog! Gracie is an 8 week old puppy, Shitzu/Bichon mix.

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Celebrate Plush Animal Lovers Day with a new plush toy for Fido!

On October 28, it's Plush Animal Lover's Day. Throughout the world, everyone is supposed to treat their stuffed, plush, toys with a little extra love. These comfort objects may have seen you through the worst of times and even the best of...

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