Wag Your Tail Spotlight - Featuring Cort

I am a disabled veteran and Cort is an eight-month old Belgian Laekenois that I am training to be my service dog with IDEA Service Dogs in Keller, Texas.

Everthing your Service Dog Might Need

When you have a service dog, it's important to have access to everything your dog needs. Service dogs frequently visit places that are off-limits to pets, and it's important for them to be properly recognized as service animals. This not...

Dog Joint Issues Inspired High-Quality Products

It’s always a relief to know we can do something to help those we love most. Advanced Cetyl M® Joint Action Formula for dogs is an amazing solution to your dog’s joint pain.

SitStay Pedigree Builder

The Pedigree Builder was created to provide a way for you to input the pedigree of your dog and provides html code for you to embed on your personal website.

Wag Your Tail Spotlight - Featuring Inu

Inu is our incredibly sweet 2 year old Corgi/Collie. She loves to cuddle; insisting on climbing on top of you.

Why your Service Dog should wear a Service Dog Vest

Service dogs are able to lead the blind, alert deaf people to alarms, retrieve items for the immobile, and so much more. For a person that has a disability, it is imperative that their service dog is with them at...

Why Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags?

If you are like us, you assumed ALL poop bags were biodegradable in landfills, but surprise, they aren't. You can help improve your support of mother earth by converting to these bags ASAP.

How you an help during Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month

With so many dogs in shelters waiting for a good home, it’s important to raise awareness of their situation and encourage people to adopt. In honor of this cause, October has been designated Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month. There are a number of...

Wag You Tail Spotlight - Featuring Vash

Vash is our 5 month old Corgi. He is very sweet, always running to greet us whenever we get home, even if we were just gone 15 minutes.

Do I need a certificate for my Service or Therapy Dog?

Many people with disabilities depend on service or therapy dogs in order to live happier, more productive lives. However, there is often some confusion as to whether service or therapy dogs need certification. Knowing the answer to this question can...