The Ultimate Resource For Emotional Support Animals (ESA)

An emotional support animal can help you with many different types of emotional and mental challenges. Here are some of the most common questions about emotional support animals.

Crate Training 101

Crate training is a popular method of training today, and for good reason. It's a place of comfort and safety where they sleep and raise their family. When you crate train a dog correctly, the crate becomes their den. It...

5 Ways To Celebrate National Dog Week

National Dog Week is about celebrating your four-legged friend. It's also about appreciating heroes, like rescue dogs, and informing people about proper pet care. Here are the top five ways to celebrate dog week.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coconut Oil For Dogs

Many people have heard the wonders of coconut oil and the benefits your dog can receive from using it but there are still questions to answer.

What Is Heat Stroke And How Do You Avoid It?

Heat stroke is the severe and often deadly consequence of a dog's body overheating. Avoid the dangers of heat stroke for your dog by educating yourself.

What Is Heartworm and How Is It Prevented

You have probably seen a picture of a canine heart with a heartworm infestation displayed somewhere. Pictures like this show what happens when pets fall victim to this parasite. If you have never heard of heartworms before today, then you...

Dangers of Giving Your Dog Rawhide

Rawhide treats may seem like the perfect solution for puppies that like to chew, and rambunctious dogs with lots of energy. However, there are dangers of giving your dog rawhide that you may not be aware of.

Easter Treats For Your Furry Friends

With Easter just around the corner, we thought we’d help you (and the Easter Bunny) out with some special Easter and Spring themed treats (if you forgot Easter is April 16th!)

[Video] Ronin Is Very Helpful At Work

Youngest SitStay team member Ronin has a hard time staying awake at work. Hopefully, he caught what he was dream-chasing!

Doggy Nutrition Tips

As a dog owner, it is important that you understand your pet’s dietary needs. Your dog needs a diet that provides enough of the right nutrients.These six nutrient groups are essential for your dog's optimal health: