Why Should I Give My Dogs Plaque Off?

February is pet dental health month, which is a great time to focus on caring for your dog’s teeth. While brushing is a good way to clean your dog’s teeth, it’s not always easy to do.

Why Should I Use Treats When Training?

Many dog owners know about the importance of using treats in training, but others wonder why this is so important. Read what are some good reasons for using treats.

Dog Training Tips from the Professionals

Many of us know that dog training is essential for a happy relationship between our families and dogs. Sometimes we are able to do it on our own, and sometimes we need a little help from the professionals. 

How To Train My Hearing Service Dog To Start Barking

If your dog does not alert you to the presence of strangers, it is necessary to take extra steps to make him or her into an effective watchdog. This will help to train your dog towards being an effective hearing...

How Do You Introduce A New Dog To The Family?

Introducing a new dog into your home is always exciting, especially for kids. Make sure everything goes smoothly by handling the situation right.

Why Is My Dog Peeing Inside?

If your dog is peeing inside, keep in mind that this can happen for any of the following reasons including a new move or family member. Read how you can help.

How Do I Get My Dog To Stop Counter-Surfing?

Dogs can counter surfing in order to get to foods that are left in these open areas. You can put a stop to this behavior and by keeping these tips in mind for stopping dogs from counter surfing. 

Top 10 Best Dog Supplies For 2017

As the year comes to a close we are reflecting on the top ten dog supplies that you found to be the best. Treats, toys, supplement, and gear, check them out!

Getting Your Dog Ready For New Year's Eve

Keep the following tips in mind when planning your New Year’s Eve celebration this year. If you have dogs in your home it’s important to make sure they have a safe time.

How To Get My Dog To Stop Barking

Dogs bark at people and animals they do not know, this is natural; however, that instinct to bark can be controlled. Read these steps to help you train your dog how to react to strangers.