Which dog chew toys do you choose?

As many dog owners know, chewing is essential for your dog’s physical and mental health.

Help! My dog drank some of my Coffee. Is this bad?

Are you worried that your precocious pup might end up injuring themselves or worse from sneaking a drink of your coffee? For pups and people the saying "everything in moderation" applies.

Wag Your Tail Spotlight - Featuring Gracie

We have a very special dog this week for our Wag Your Tail Spotlight Dog! Gracie is an 8 week old puppy, Shitzu/Bichon mix.

Celebrate Plush Animal Lovers Day with a new plush toy for Fido!

On October 28, it's Plush Animal Lover's Day. Throughout the world, everyone is supposed to treat their stuffed, plush, toys with a little extra love. These comfort objects may have seen you through the worst of times and even the best of...
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7 Ways to Save and Celebrate National Dog Week

Today SitStay.com kicked off 7 Days, 7 Ways to Save and Celebrate National Dog Week.

10 Ways a Puppy reminds you of a Toddler

Puppies are incredibly cute, and many people treat them like children. In many ways, puppies are like children.

Wag Your Tail Spotlight - Featuring Charley

Charley is a 9 month old Labradane Hybrid, rescued by my daughter at UA in Tuscaloosa, AL. He is the love of my life needless to say.

5 Things to Know before Flying with Your Service Dog

Flying with a service animal should not be an exhausting and frustrating experience. To reduce the chances of this happening, understanding the process unique to your airline as well as the general requirements can benefit everyone involved.

Use the SAFE Program to learn about dog bite prevention

Are you using the SAFE Program when you meet a new dog? SAFE helps children (and adults, too) learn about dog bite prevention.

Wag Your Tail Spotlight - Featuring Lucky Luciano

Lucky Luciano is a Rottweiler. We brought him home to be my Battle Buddy. At 6 weeks old he had a gift to deter me from the nightmares I have.