5 Common Dog Training Myths

When it comes to dog training, there are several misconceptions about it. In order to make sure that you’re training your dog the right way, it’s important to understand the truth behind these common myths. 

[Video] Why Dogs Don't Listen Around Distractions by That Dog Geek

Does your dog struggle to focus when they're out and about, or at exciting times like when visitors arrive? Watch this video to learn why dogs struggle in these circumstances, and how to overcome the problem.

Potty Training: How To Bell Train Your Puppy

When it’s time to potty train your puppy, you can do more than just teach her that she needs to go outside. You can also train your puppy to ring a bell any time she has to go out. Use the...

Why Grain Free? Understanding Grain Free Options

Before they were domesticated, canines hunted other animals. The diet of your dog's ancestors consisted almost entirely of protein. Naturally, feeding grain to an animal with a digestive system for processing meat can have ill effects.

How To Teach Your Dog To Chew The Right Things

Dogs chew items for different reasons, such as working out frustration or exploring unfamiliar objects. While this type of behavior, in general, is considered normal, some dogs end up chewing on inappropriate items. Use the following tips to help...

[Video] How To Train Your Dog To Love His Harness by kikopup

This video is dedicated to all the little dogs in the world who run away from their owners when their owner takes out their harness. The same method of counter conditioning can also be used for dogs that don't like...

Getting Started with the "Sit" Command

Learning the sit command is an important part of your dogs training, both for behavior and safety reasons.

Is Fish Good or Bad For Dogs?

Our furry friends are known to lack a picky palate when it comes to most foods. Fish is no exception and is often gobbled down in a moment's notice. Of course, deliciousness to dogs doesn't automatically mean healthy, so let's delve deeper...

Ultimate Guide To Fish Oil For Dogs

Some of you may have concerns about whether fish oil is good for dogs. To put your minds at ease, we have compiled this short guide to answer any questions you may have about fish oil's efficacy.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Hire A Pet Sitter Or Dog Walker

Walks are an important part of a dog’s daily routine, but what happens if you work all day and don’t have time for them? These are the top five reasons to consider having a dog walker or pet sitter stop...