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Best dog breeds for kids

July 25, 2018 1 Comment

Dogs have long been a staple to the modern family that can bring joy and companionship to the whole crew. But how do you know what breed best suits your family? There are a few factors you must think of when selecting the perfect pup for your family.

Size: The size of a dog can be important and you need to take a step back and look at what will work best. Smaller dogs are perfect for cuddlers and smaller homes and back yards, however, if your kids are roughhorsers and you have a big back yard a larger sized dog may be the perfect fit!

Energy: Some dog breeds are known to run and sniff for hours while others are more happy snoozing on the couch. Make sure you fit your lifestyle and have people who can cuddle or walk the dog depending on its needs.

Personality: If your are looking for a dog that will behave in public or one that will be silly around the house there are different traits each breed has that could affect this.

Knowing this we can finally find you the best dog breeds for your kids and family.

1. Labrador retriever 

The classic lab, everyone know this breed is full of gentle giants. Though not the biggest dog these guys can grow up to 80 pounds and need their fair share of  snacks and exercise. Labs are known for their loyalty and will form a special bond with every member of the family while also being easy going and gentile around kids making them an all star family dog.

2. Golden retriever

Much like the lab this breed is a staple in america as one of the more popular breeds. They are fun loving energetic pals that will always bring a good time. These dogs can grow to a bigger size but not quite as big as the Labradors. Golden retrievers are also amazing at comforting and helping making them great  service and support dogs as well. If you're looking for a super sweet goofball these dogs will do their best to fit right in as a great dog for kids.   

3. Bulldog

Opposite of the other two this dog is a napper! The bulldog is both gentle and playful feeling just at home on the couch as it is on a walk. These dogs are smaller in size and can overheat easily due to their short snout but only in super hot conditions. Short and stout these dogs are great for any family and will be happy no matter what as long as you are there with them.

4. French bulldog

Cousin to the bulldog these sweet little dogs are low maintenance and easy going. Slightly smaller the french bulldog is the perfect inner city dweller not needing a huge backyard,  good on walks, and known to be quiet. The french bulldog is playful, easygoing, and one of the best dog breeds for kids.   

5 . Boxer

Another popular dog breed in america the Boxer is known for their energetic bouncy personality. These pups are slightly bigger and muscular needing a lot of space and many walks to keep them happy. If you're family is a rowdy bunch that likes fitness you can't go wrong with a Boxer.

6. Weimaraner

This German sporting dog is a very entertaining breed. Weimaraner are energetic and incredibly smart dogs that need room to play and  toys that will test their brain. These dogs are perfect for energetic families and will be incredible companions to all members of the household.

7. The Bichon

The Bichon is a little fluff of joy! Smaller in size these dogs are friendly in any situation and love people no matter what. They are both easy going and playful at the same time, and one added bonus to these cuties is that they are hypoallergenic and low shedding making them great for any household.

8. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

With the softest ears of the list the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a smaller breed that loves to please. These dogs don't need a ton of exercise though they do love to sniff about from time to time. The King Charles Spaniel is another one of the best dog breeds for kids and usually get along with other pets as well.

9. the mutt

Often times animal shelters may have the perfect fit for your family if you take the time to look. Mutts can be great for families and it all depends on what needs your family has. The great thing about this group is that they can have multiple breed traits and make a perfect furry friend that your family can  adopt and love.

No matter the breed all dogs are great and will be a part of the family they are brought into. These breeds are just a handful that are popular for their traits but may not be your ideal puppy breed. This is OK! Finding a dog that you love is the most important part because they will love you and your family back unconditionally no matter the breed.

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July 30, 2018

Nutrition: I love making homemade healthy “cold” snacks for my shih Tzu during the summer. His favorite is vanilla yogurt, peanut butter and coconut oil. I put equal parts peanut butter (low salt) and greek vanilla yogurt (less sugar). I put a few tablespoons of coconut oil and blend them all well together and put in silicon molds.
I also make frozen treats with homemade chicken stock, fresh spinach, parsley ,oregano and a tiny bit of mint. I grow these in my backyard garden so I always have organic and fresh. I like to put a drop of cinnamon and clove essential oils in this as well. Sometimes I merely put some very finely chopped carrots, peas and green beans in the chicken stock. He loves these as well. They are so healthy for him and much cheaper than store treats. For my grandson’s chocolate lab I will put the chicken stock mixtures in a water bottle and freeze. It takes a while for him to lick and chew the entire treat and it is so cool for him on these hot summer days.

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