Keep your dog safe on all of their walks, no matter the season.

Keep your dog safe on all of their walks, no matter the season.

A walk with your dog is an exciting activity, but it is one that has several things to look out for in each season. If you remain fully aware of these possible hazards or challenges, you and your dog will be much happier.

Safety in the Spring

The increasingly warmer temperatures in spring are a great motivation to get out and explore. A downside is, as the temperatures heat up, the snow will melt, bringing water that is full of salt and other chemicals into your path.

Safe options to provide protection from harsh and toxic chemicals include:

  • A coating of coconut oil on the paw pads before the walk.
  • Wiping paws down with a towel afterwards.
  • Using dog booties as additional protection.

Staying Cool and Safe in Summer

Warm temperatures and leisure time for many in the summer encourage dog owners to get out with their best friends. However, summer temperatures can also bring the risk of heat exhaustion, dehydration, and burns from hot pavement.

Keep yourself and your dog safe by:

  • Walking during the cooler part of the day and using a cooling coat for your dog.
  • Carrying water for both of you, along with a collapsible dish for your dog.
  • Using booties that also provide protection against hot pavement.

Keeping Your Dog Happy During Fall

When fall arrives, you'll see a lot of pretty foliage to enjoy on walks in many areas. Fall can also bring rainy weather that decreases visibility.

Enjoy the fall weather in safety by:

  • Using a reflective collar and leash for your dog.
  • Staying away from busy streets and intersections.
  • Avoiding walks outside of daylight hours, when possible.

Winter Can Bring Fun

Despite the cold temperatures, winter is a great time to enjoy walks with your dog. Staying warm is always a matter of serious importance, as well as avoiding frostbite.

Keep your dog warm and happy during winter walks with:

  • Booties to protect your dog's feet from the ice.
  • A warm coat to provide protection.
  • Consider buying waterproof gear for your dog.

Taking walks with your dog at any time of year is a great experience. If you follow the tips to help keep them safe and happy, no matter what the weather, both of you will look forward to every walk.

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