The Buster Cube Dispenser For Dogs


$ 18.95

Brand Our Pets

The Buster Cube - Buster Food Cube For Dogs

Dogs love the Buster Cube. Smarter Toys make dogs work for their food which provides them with healthy mental and physical stimulation. You simply load your dog's favorite healthy treats or dry food into the buster cube, put it on the floor and watch them play. When they roll it just the right way, surprise... the interactive toy shares the goodies! It's fun for your dog and you. Don't worry if you have to show them how the first few times. Once they catch on you won't be able to stop them. The Buster Food Cube is an excellent educational toy that also deters boredom and destructive behavior. 

This treat cube is NOT meant for aggressive chewers. 

Buster Cube For Dogs:

  • Food, fun, and puzzle
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Tough, durable construction
  • Keeps dogs mentally stimulated
  • Slows eating when used with food
  • Available in 2 sizes: 3 inch or 5 inch
When used with dog food (instead of dog treats) is serves as a great tool to slow down your dog's eating. When your dog "wolfs" down his food too fast we worry about bloat, choking, regurgitation and dental issues. The Buster Cube supports proper eating behaviors and keep your dog from eating too fast. 

    Highly recommended by animal behaviorists

    Buster Cube is available in 3 inch or 5 inch sizes.

    • The 3 inch is recommended for dogs under 22 pounds. 
    • The 4.5 inch model is for the larger dogs. 

    Cubes are bright colors. No choice of color

    We suggest that you supervise while your dog chews any chew treat.

    The Buster Cube is perfect for making your dog earn their food. Pick one up today.