The Buddy System - Hands-Free Leash, Large

SKU: EQC02-2

$ 14.99

Brand Chicks In Charge, LLC

The Buddy System, Large

  • Hands free leash system
  • Great for walking, hiking, running
  • Doesn't restrict movement
  • Collar not included
  • Made in USA

Here is a hands free leash system done very well. The Buddy System uses a belt around your waist with an adjustable leash attached. The leash is adjustable from 22" to 40" (small dog system is 33" to 60") and it uses a detachable swivel hook. Quick release clips make it easy to disconnect the leash from your belt or attach the unused end (when your dog is off playing) to the belt so you don't have to carry a leash.

Great for walking, jogging, hiking, or training a new puppy. Wonderful for total management of that new puppy or rescue dog so you won't have any accidents in the house or have bad habits begin. And hands free training!   The Reflective Buddy System adds a strip of reflective material to the leash and the outside of the belt. At its shortest length the reflective strip covers both sides of the leash. You'll really be noticed!

Sizing Belt Leash
27" - 50"
22" - 40"