Pet Alert Fire & Rescue Decal

SKU: PSAI-00063

$ 1.75

Brand Pet Safety Alert, Inc.

”Rescue Rover” Pet Alert Fire Rescue Decals can be placed anywhere pets are housed.

These decals are made of a strong static cling vinyl material that will adhere to any clean surfaces without adhesive that can be easily applied and removed. They help to alert Firemen, Police or any Emergency Personnel that there are pets inside of a residence  which can mean the split second difference on saving a pet' life. "Rescue Rover" Pet Alert decals can also be an added deterrent to unsuspecting burglars that see the bright red and white decals on windows or doors, thinking twice before trying to break into your home, knowing that there are pets inside that might attack or alert them of their presence. 

Pets are like family and need to be protected.

Don't leave pets home without a Rescue Rover Pet Alert Decal!

Comes with 2 decals per pack.Gear Accessory