Dogs Love Fish Ocean Sushi 3.5 oz. bag


$ 8.99

Brand Dogs Love Fish

Sushi For Dogs - Dog Sushi

Ocean Sushi dog treats - 3.5 oz. bag 

Delicious and healthy "sushi" rolls made from cod wrapped in cod skin.

Now your dog can also enjoy his or her own sushi snack! These rolls are made from cod and are perfect for training or a snack on the go! The cod used in these treats are sourced from the clean, clear waters of Norway. Most of the fish used are from regulated sustainable fisheries which allow high-quality cod to thrive in excellent farming conditions. By treating your dog with DogsLoveFish treats, you can rest assured that your pet is receiving a nutritious snack free of unnecessary sugars and fillers. Sourced from sustainable practices.

  • Fish sourced from Norway
  • Made with Cod
  • Treat your dog to sushi!

Made with cod sourced from clean Norwegian water, these healthy dog treats are a wonderful way to show your dog how much you care about them. These treats are gluten free with no artificial preservatives or coloring so you know they are healthy for your dog.  Try some dog sushi today and see for yourself.