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Cetyl M Joint Action Powder Formula

Cetyl-M Joint Supplement - Action Formula Powder for Large Dogs:

If you LOVE the amazing benefits of Cetyl M in tablet form, your pup will absolutely love the ease of the power of the Advanced Cetyl M Joint Action Formula in the Large Dog Variety. This powder is especially helpful if Fido has problems swallowing pills, or the old cover it in peanut butter trick isn’t working anymore! This powder formula can easily be scooped and put over the top of your dog’s regular food--either wet or dry!

If you have yet to be exposed to the amazing effects of Cetyl M, It is a joint action formula featuring the ingredient Cetyl Myristoleate Complex. This esterified fatty acid molecule has been studied in mice that NEVER get arthritis. The supplementation of Cetyl M in dogs, horses, and other animals has seen improvement in joint function and prevention of further chronic injury.

Cetyl M powder has a great smoked bison and natural liver flavor, so if your pup is a meat lover, he or she will surely enjoy this tasty joint powder sprinkled or mixed into their food. Another tip** if you feel your dog is avoiding the powder, mix it with one of the great essential oils to make a paste and mix with food. These oils can also have anti-inflammatory capabilities. Also, make sure to always contact your veterinarian for examination or evaluation of injury!

  • 80 or 180 scoops

  • Smoked Bison and Natural Liver flavoring

  • Made in Broken Bow, NE

  • 500 mg Cetyl M

  • 500 mg Glucosamine

Active Ingredients:

Cetyl Myristoleate Complex (Tallow Source)................. 500 mg
Glucosamine-HCl (Shellfish Source)............................. 500 mg
Bromelain.................................................................. 20 mg

Inactive Ingredients: Lipase, Rice Bran, Smoked Bison & Natural Liver Flavoring, Silicon Dioxide, Sodium.  


Weight Initial Period Maintenance Period
50-74 LBS 2 Scoops Daily 1 Scoop Daily
75-99 LBS 3 Scoops Daily 1.5 Scoops Daily
100 & Up LBS 4 Scoops Daily 2 Scoops Daily


Made in the USA

Response Products

For joint relief, the Cetyl-M for Large Dogs is a great option. Try is today. 

The expiration date is *3* years after manufacturing date on the bag.