Atomic Treat Ball

SKU: DT-10507

$ 6.57

Brand Our Pets

  • Reduces boredom, destructive behavior
  • Durable, non-toxic
  • Furniture and floor "friendly"
  • Easy to clean and refill
  • Unpredictable bounce
  • Dispenses your dog's favorite treats
  • Select from 5 inch or 3 inch sizes

The Atomic Treat Ball is loads of fun. It'll help to keep your dog mentally stimulated, physically active and very happy. You'll find the Atomic Treat Ball reduces boredom and destructive behavior. It's easy for dogs to mouth and carry around if they want. Treats come out in a controlled manner rather than all at once. The ball has an unpredictable bounce and roll that will entertain you and your dog!

It is easy to clean and refill. Durable & soft, it won't damage carpets, wood floors or furniture. Select from two sizes. The large is 5 inches across and the treat opening is about an inch in diameter. The small is 3 inches across with a treat opening of about 3/4 inch in diameter. Color may vary....we'll pick a nice bright one for you! Oh, and don't forget the treats!

Atomic Treat Ball can be destroyed by dogs who have the will to destroy toys. For those dogs, we suggest Kong treat dispensing toys.

Cleaning: Wash with warm, sudsy water. Rinse well and dry before filling with food or treats.

NOTE: The Atomic Treat Ball is designed with a small air hole opposite the treat opening. This eliminates the possibility of a vacuum forming, reducing the possibility of a dogs tongue getting caught during use. Always supervise play time.

Brand: OurPet's
Made in China