Scout & Zoe's Eco-Elk Antler Dog Chews


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Brand Scout & Zoe's

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Scout & Zoe's Eco-Elk Whole Antler Dog Chews

These treats are great because of their hypoallergenic qualities! Dogs are susceptible to allergies, just like humans. Because they can't use human words to tell us they don't react well to something, or don't feel well, it is especially important to be aware of allergic reactions and react. Scout & Zoe's company was inspired by the challenges Zoe's pet parent had raising a dog with protein allergies. And thank goodness for us, she spared no expense getting great products to share with us. There are many antlers on the market but very few that are high quality. Scout & Zoe's Elk Antlers are sourced from farms, pastures and prairies throughout the Midwest - you know, from the rolling mountains and open plains, not the factory on the corner. Dogs instinctively want to chew and these treats are a perfect addition to your selection - giving your aggressive chewer a safe and effective way to satify and support dental health.

  • Generous cuts
  • Natural processing
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Sourced in the Midwest (USA)
  • Superb chew for dogs
  • Beneficial to teeth & gums

These chews are ideal for any dog, but especially for those suffering from allergies. Symptoms to allergens (this is behavior beyond what is normal)

  • itching
  • biting hind quarters
  • diarrhea
  • vomiting
  • brown rough spots on knees
  • excessive shedding or hair loss 
  • runny or dry nose
  • watery eyes
  • hot spots

Allergens are any substance that causes and antibody reaction in the body, and therefore can be from anything. Major allergens are predominately from foods, pollen and inhalants, and other environmental factors (dust mites, mold, grass, mosquito, ticks, feathers, etc.).

Treatment of allergies can usually be as simple as removing that allergen. The tough part is identifying the allergen itself. Usually trial and error (taking certain foods out of the diet, replacing treats, different shampoos, removing environmental factors, etc.) can sometimes narrow it down. Otherwise, getting an allergy test from the vet can also give definitive results. 

Brand: Scout & Zoe's
Sourced & Made in the USA