PureLife 4 Dogs Omega-3 Support with Krill & Salmon Oil. 100% Natural. No GMO


$ 35.95

Brand PureLife

PureLife 4PETS Dog Omega 3 Support has an exclusive formula that contains higher doses of DHA and EPA than most fish oils. The Omega 3 fatty acids maintain skin health, helps to support pets with seasonal allergies and contains ingredients known to support a healthy brain.

At PureLife 4PETS ingredients DO matter. That's why we only use Krill oil instead of Salmon (Fish) oil. Our formula for both dogs and cats is carried in phospholipid form (for super-absorbency) and, together with Astaxanthin, is co-absorbed and delivered directly to the body’s cells. We add the Astaxanthin as it is a powerful antioxidant that protects EPA and DHA from oxidative and free radical damage. Our manufacturing process is of the highest quality, using state of the art technology and superior ingredients to ensure the most stable, high impact formulas for your pet.

Other benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids:

  • Supports retinal and overall ocular health

  • Enhances joint health

  • Helps support normal cardiovascular function