Premier Breakaway, Large 1"


$ 8.55

Brand PetSafe

Here is the collar so many have asked for. The Premier Break-away collar releases if caught which reduces the risk of your dog being strangled or injured. And yes, you can still walk your dog using it. There are D-rings on either side of the breakaway mechanism. Just attach your leash to both D-rings and it can't breakaway during a walk.
  • Releases if caught on something
  • Still used to safely walk your dog
  • Snap together if it does "breakaway"

It is designed to protect your dog in the back yard, around the house, around other dogs and out in the field. If it does "breakaway", you can easily snap it back together and continue using it. It is a nylon collar designed for long-term use.

Frequent collar accidents:

  • Two dogs biting at each other's neck in play
  • Fences, kennels and crates
  • Deck boards and picnic tables
  • Heating and cooling vents
  • Inside and underneath cars
  • Sticks and underbrush

Brand: Premier / PetSafe
Made in China