Easy Walk Harness in Fawn/Brown


$ 13.00

Brand PetSafe

Easy Walk Harness in Fawn/Brown by PetSafe

  • Gently discourages dogs from pulling
  • No coughing, gagging, choking
  • Easy on, easy off
  • Leash sold separately
The PetSafe Easy Walk Harness is designed to gently discourage your dog from pulling while walking on a leash. This means more of you walking your dog and less of your dog walking you. Unlike traditional collars, the PetSafe Easy Walk Harness never causes coughing, gagging, or choking because the chest strap rests low across the breastbone, not on the delicate tracheal area. The strong nylon is both soft and adjustable in four places for maximum fit and comfort. There is a quick snap buckle on both the shoulder and belly straps making the harness easy to put on and take off. The belly strap is a different color so you can easily see what goes where when you pick it up to put on your dog. It's easy to fit and easy to use.

For dogs with additional training issues like jumping, barking, excessive pulling and lunging, we recommend the Gentle Leader Headcollar. 

Do not use the Easy Walk Harness with a retractable leash. With a retractable leash, the dog is "rewarded" with more leash and less resistance when he pulls ahead. You want the dog to learn to NOT pull ahead. In addition, a retractable leash will always apply a slight constant pressure, teaching your dog it is okay to continue pulling.

NOTE: Leash is not included with the Easy Walk Harness. We do have matching leashes available.



The Girth should be measured snugly around the dog's rib cage, just behind the front legs (see diagram).

Size Harness
Fits Girth Item#
Petite 3/8" 12" - 16" EQPWA
Petite/Small 1/2" 14" - 18" EQPWF
Small 1/2" 15" - 20" EQPWB
Small/Medium 3/4" 19" - 25" EQPWG
Medium 3/4" 20" - 28" EQPWC
Medium/Large 1" 25" - 35" EQPWH
Large 1" 26" - 36" EQPWD
X-Large 1" 34" - 46" EQPWE
   Sizing chart for harnesses and vests, use a soft measuring tape or leash, to wrap all the way around the dog from the top center of his back behind his neck down and around his belly all the way back to the same spot on the dogs back, this is his girth. Use this number to choose the correct size harness or vest.harness-sizing-pic-2.jpg 



Harness Color Belly Strap Color
Black         Silver
Royal Blue         Navy Blue
Fawn         Brown
Green         Black
Raspberry         Silver
Deep Purple         Black
Red         Cranberry




IMPORTANT: Please be sure to read all instructions before using the harness on your dog.

Identifying the parts:

  • The chest piece has a martingale loop with a "D" ring for attaching the leash.
  • The shoulder strap is the same color nylon as the chest strap and has the Premier fabric tag.
  • The belly strap is made of a complementary color.

Fitting the harness:

  • Open the quick snap buckle on the belly strap. 
  • Place the shoulder strap over the dog’s head with the chest strap resting on the dog’s chest. Tighten belly strap to a comfortably snug fit. On medium-sized dogs, only allow room for about a finger’s width under the strap. Allow a bit more for larger dogs, less for smaller dogs.
  • Gently press fingers on lower front of dog’s chest to locate breastbone.
  • Adjust the shoulder strap so that when the chest strap is horizontal (parallel to the ground), the chest strap rests directly over the breast bone.
  • AFTER you have tightened both the shoulder and belly straps to allow only about a finger’s width under the strap, adjust the chest strap to fit securely. It should rest nearly parallel to the ground, not “hang down” or gap.
  • You may need to remove the harness to make these adjustments.
  • When the shoulder strap is fitted correctly, the chest strap should resemble a horizontal line (parallel to the ground), and it will rest directly over the breastbone.
  • Attach the leash to the D-ring on the chest strap.