PetFlect (Service or Therapy Dog) Smart Chip Digital I.D. Tag


$ 15.99

Brand Petflect

PetFlect Digital I.D. Tag

  • Provides multiple ways for your pet to get home fast
  • Provides easy access to critical medical and contact data
  • Durable anodized aluminum finish
  • Made in the USA

Most people are familiar with the concept of microchipping a pet. PetHub's tag follows a similar idea but instead of going to a shelter to get the animal scanned, anyone with a smartphone can scan your pet's tag to help get it home fast (and skip the step of going to a vet or shelter to look for a chip).

Here's the cool part: the bar code and web address both point to a free profile for your pet at PetHub's website. This means you can change what's displayed without needing to modify the physical tag. No sign-up fees, no annual fees, ever. Just the cost of the tag.