Moody Pet - Humunga Tongue Fetch Toy

SKU: mdy-humunga-tounge

$ 9.99

Brand Moody Pet

Award-winning, high-quality fetch toy that gives your dog a giant cartoon tongue when he has the ball in his mouth!

It’s a ball! It’s a tongue! It’s Humunga Tongue! This huge, curly, cartoon tongue hanging out of your dog’s mouth will crack up the entire ‘hood. Great for a game of tongue o’ war, and of course, fetch. Hold it via the tongue to propel the ball farther, and to avoid the dreaded “slobberball!” Sure to make your pooch the star of the park…speaking of which, the dogs of Bruce Springsteen, Liv Tyler, and Chevy Chase have been seen sporting Humunga Tongues! Stick out your tongue, and say, “Awwwwesome!”

Made of solid, non-toxic, natural rubber; ball is hollow with hole in back.

Available in Junior Size, Ideal for 25-65 lbs.