Mendota Colorfast UV Protected Small Slip Lead, 3/8" x 6 ft

SKU: EQM26-1

$ 11.99

Brand Mendota Products, Inc

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 Mendota Colorfast UV Protected Small Slip Lead, 3/8" x 6 ft

  • Slip lead style 
  • 3/8 inch by 6 feet long
  • Big soft handle
  • Waterproof
  • Won't bleed color onto your dog when wet
  • One size fits all neck sizes
  • Made in the USA

Leash and collar in one design. Soft to the touch, not rigid. Adjustable leather slide eliminates slipping off, yet releases properly in relaxed position. Handy for walks or anywhere where you want to put a leash on quickly. The multifilament polypropylene roping and webbing is waterproof and colorfast showing no performance-loss when wet. All are UV coated to protect against decay and fading. One size fits all.

"Broken-in" feel is gentle on hands and allows easy folding to fit in your coat or vest pocket. Full grained, oil tanned leather is used to strengthen splices. All hardware is cast of non-corrosive bright brass for flawless performance.

Brand: Mendota
Handcrafted in the USA