Hot Doggers Non-Skid, Fleece Lined Boots: Red


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Brand Muttluks Inc.

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Hot Doggers Non-Skid, Fleece Lined Boots: Red (All Sizes):

  • 4 boots per package
  • Non-skid soles – provide traction on smooth indoor surfaces, boat decks, etc
  • Protects hardwood floors and boat decks from damage caused by dogs
  • Indoor and outdoor paw protection
  • Soft, warm and comfortable
  • Fleece lining to pamper those paws
  • Machine washable
  • Also available in black
  • A self-tightening Velcro® fastening system allows for easy, secure and quick fastening
  • These boots are not designed for swimming

A soft, fleece dog boot with a non-skid sole designed for hardwood floors, boat decks, and other potentially slippery surfaces. Provides comfort, protection and affordability. These boots are not designed for use on rough surfaces like cement. Machine washable. We know from experience that if you don't pull the Velcro fastening strap tight enough these boots will come off. So please, cinch 'em down when you get them on!

Without proper fit Hott Doggers won't stay on your dog properly. There is a very simple way to measure your dog. Start by getting a pad of paper and pen. Now call your dog (or if your dog has you well trained, go get your dog). Place a front paw, that's important so we'll say it again, place a front paw on the paper while your dog is standing on it. Hey we didn't say this was going to be easy! Draw a line at the back of the paw right behind the foot pad and another line right in front of the toenails. Hmm, you'll have to go get a ruler now (and you thought internet shopping meant sitting on your behind and clicking a mouse). Measure between the two lines. Now pick a size from the table. Your measurement should be larger than the From and smaller than the To. Easy right? If your dog is right on the line between sizes, we suggest getting the larger size.

Size From To
Itty Bitty .75" 1.5" EQHDA
XX-Small 1.5" 2.25" EQHDB
X-Small 2.25" 2.75" EQHDC
Small 2.75" 3.25" EQHDD
Medium 3.25" 3.75" EQHDE
Large 3.75" 4.25" EQHDF
X-Large 4.25" 4.75" EQHDG
XX-Large 4.75" 5.5" EQHDH


Brand: Muttluks, Inc.
Made in Canada