Holee Roller


$ 6.85

Brand JW Pet Company

  • Natural Rubber
  • For soft mouthed dogs
  • Lightweight, easy to toss
  • Great roll and bounce
  • Ideal for tossing, fetching
  • Select from four sizes


  • Small: 2 1/2"
  • Medium: 5"
  • Large: 6 1/2"
  • Jumbo: 8"

Hol-ee Roller! Roll it fast across a room or a yard. Push it, pick it up, toss it with two fingers, your whole hand or your nose and your teeth. Kids love playing with this ball and their dog. It’s easy to throw and soft enough for your dog to catch it in mid air. Pick it up and wing it.

Delightful! A great toy for a soft mouthed dog. If your dog chews on his toys, you'll have a chewed up toy. Tough dogs can bite it to pieces. Choose a size larger than your dog would normally play with. We'll pick a great color for you!

Not a chew toy. Always supervise play time.

Brand: JW Pet Company
Made in China