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Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump Political Parody Doll by Fuzzu


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Brand Fuzzu

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The Donald's features include:

  • A golden tan
  • Quaffed plush hair
  • Flashy garb
  • His well-heeled foot will inevitably end up in your dog's mouth.

The Hillary's features include:

  • A red pantsuit
  • Fiery gaze fixed on the oval office

Fuzzu toys come alive with floppy arms and legs. Fortified seams provide durability with triple-stitching where the arms and legs are attached to the body. The toy also features a bottom gusset and top-stitching at the elbows and knees for easy sitting and strategic posing (a photo-opportunity begging to happen!).

A squeaker is included in the body of the dog toy. Catnip is included in the body of the cat toy. Non-toxic and durable printed cotton/poly canvas with accents of plush. Toy is 17"

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