Drinkwell Hy-drate Replacement Filters 3-Pack

SKU: PFD17-12905

$ 7.49

Brand PetSafe

Drinkwell Hy-drate Replacement Filters 3-Pack, Filters, 3 count:

Keep your fur baby's water filtered and fresh with Drinkwell Hy-drate Replacement Filters 3-Pack. Each activated carbon replacement filter provides up to one month of filtration by removing chlorine, sediment, and foul taste and odors from tap water. Compatible with all Drinkwell Hy-drate H2O Filtration systems.

Key Benefits:

  • Removes chlorine
  • Filters sediment
  • Gets rid of bad the taste and odor from tap water
  • Promotes kidney health and urinary tract health in dogs and cats.


It is recommended you replace the filter every two to four weeks. Activated carbon filter removes chlorine, odor, and small particles. These filters work with all hy·drate™ products.