Drinkwell Hy Drate for Dogs

SKU: PFD17-12903

$ 14.47 $ 5.99

Brand PetSafe

Drinkwell hydrate filtration for dogs

The Hy-Drate Dog is a healthy way to turn your dog's ordinary water bowl into an automatic water fountain. Designed to fit in your dog's favorite bowl, it remains securely in place with small, powerful suction cups. Fresh water continuously circulates through the Hy-Drate, while small sediments, like fur and food particles, stay trapped in the filter's mesh. One charcoal filter included.

How it works:

  • Water movement increases your pet's natural instinct to drink more water
  • Activated carbon filter removes chlorine, odor and small particles
  • Quiet, submersible pump for continuous use
  • Powerful mini suction cups keep it in place

Refills are available