DOGLine Comfort Microfiber Round Step-In Harness

SKU: M8011-1

$ 16.99

Brand DogLine

DogLine's Comfort Microfiber Step-In Harnesss, part of their Comfort Collection, are made of durable Microfiber Material that provides exceptional comfort. An ultra-suede like material, Microfiber may not be a new material, but it is new to the pet industry. Soft yet strong, Microfiber is fully machine washable and is beach friendly.

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The padded interior provides maximum comfort and super softness. Both harness and leash are reinforced with nylon for added strength and security. With the two-ply design and super smooth surface your pet will definitely feel special.

Available in sizes XS, S, and M in 9 different colors.

XS: Width 1/4", Chest 10"-16"
S: Width 1/4", Chest 15"-20"
M: Width 1/3", Chest 18"-26"