Jolly Pets - Bounce-n-Play Ball Jolly Ball - Dog Ball (4.5", 6", or 8")

SKU: 2545-OR

$ 10.95

Brand Jolly Pets Inc

Bounce-n-Play Ball Jolly Ball - Large Dog Ball 

  • Durable, puncture resistant
  • Bounces and floats
  • Non-toxic
  • Select from three sizes
    .50 lbs
    .75 lbs
    1.3 lbs

Made to withstand rough play, this is a great large dog ball. These balls range from pretty tight and firm to more's the luck of the draw from this maker. Big jaws can grab it, less powerful jaws will have a good time but may not be able to grab and run away with the ball. The Bounce-n-Play is great fun for you, your dog, the kids, and your horse! Yep, horses like them, too.

Made of durable non-toxic polyethylene, the Bounce-n-Play is puncture resistant, floats, bounces, and will not deflate. It's a Jolly Ball without the handle. Select from three sizes. We'll pick you a great color!

It is not recommended as a chew toy. Always supervise play time.

Brand: Jolly Pets, Inc.
Made in the USA

If you are looking for a large dog ball, go with the 8 inch ball. But all sizes are of high quality and get high ratings.