Premier Martingale Collar (Medium, 1")


$ 5.99

Brand PetSafe

Premier Martingale Collar (Medium, 1")

Medium, 1 inch width, 10"- 16" neck

Size Neck
Petite 5"- 8"
Small 8"- 12"
Medium 10"- 16"
Large 14"- 20"


A martingale style collar goes on over your dog's head. With a leash or your hand, the Premier Collar tightens to give greater control and reduce the risk of escape. Because it offers limited closure, it's safer than traditional choke collar. The escape proof design reduces coat damage. The Premier Collar is very popular around our offices.

MEASURING YOUR DOG: Use a tape measure to measure your dog around the top of the neck directly behind the ears. Then use that number and the table to the right to select your collar. If your dog falls within two collar sizes, get the smaller of the two. Please note, the Premier collar has a looser fit than regular collars so that it provides a limited choke - more humane than a choke collar. If it is fit too tightly, it will be used as a choke collar.

Brand: Premier/ PetSafe
Made in China