Grunting Squeakers Bundles of 5!


$ 5.49

Brand SitStay

Squeakers for Dog Toys

Grunt! Grunt! Grunters! Does your dog love to destroy the grunting squeakers but the toy is still good? If you can do a little sewing, you can fix the stuffed toy. Just open a seam, pull out the old grunting dog squeaker, insert the new, do some quick sewing, and your dog has a new toy to enjoy! These grunting squeakers for dog toys use no metal parts.

They grunt on the compression and the release.

Grunter is 7 inches tall (folded), 3 1/2 inches wide.

Each order includes 5 grunting squeakers in the bundle.

NOTE: The grunting squeakers do not come with a rubber band as depicted as rubber bands can be harmful to your dog.

Made in China