QT Quiet Clicker for Dog Training


$ 3.49

Brand Karen Pryor Clicker Training

QT Quiet Clicker Ergonomically Designed Training Clicker 


  • Quieter than a box clicker
  • Easier to click
  • Ergonomic design for comfort

    QT Quiet Clicker is the next generation clicker. Quieter, easier to click, and ergonomic. Great for sound sensitive animals. Perfect for arthritis sufferers and for people who have difficulty using their hands. Click it with a thumb, finger, palm, even your foot. No more trouble clicking with your gloves on. Anyone can click the i-Click. There is a hole at one end so you can attach it to a wrist coil or a lanyard. You are going to love your i-Click!

    *Assorted Colors* 

    Brand: The Clicker Company

    Made in China