HyperDog Replacement Balls, 4 pack

SKU: BGR-0002

$ 3.99

Brand Hyper Products

After hours, upon countless hours of fun with the HyperDog Tennisball Launcher, are the tennis balls in "not-so-great shape"? No fear, now you can purchase this 4-ball replacement pack so the fun and excitement can begin all over again.

We love the HyperDog Tennisball Launchers! They work great and you'll be the envy of everyone that sees you and your dog playing with it. It works just like a big slingshot. With the HyperDog, you can launch a tennis ball up to 70 yards or more! Training. Exercise. Fun.

  • 4 pack of replacement tennis balls
  • Work with both 2 and 4 ball launchers
  • High visibility yellow
  • Durable, long lasting

  • Brand: Hyper Products
    Made in China