Which dog chew toys do you choose?

SitStay Blog Which dog chew toys do you choose?

As many dog owners know, chewing is essential for your dog’s physical and mental health. It helps to encourage good chewing behaviors, keeps their teeth clean, and occupies their mind. The problem is that there are so many options out there! How do you choose which dog chew toys are right for your dog? At SitStay we offer a wide variety of dog chew toys for you to choose from, and when you shop with us you can rest assured that you are getting great quality for a great price.

We have several exceptional chew toys, but a couple of notable options really stick out to us. If you are looking for a natural chew that won’t stain your carpet, you will love the SitStay Bully Stick. This is made of pure beef, and it contains absolutely no hormones, additives, or artificial flavors. The best part about our bully sticks is that they don’t have an odor. If you are looking for a long lasting, rubber chew toy, one of the best is the Kong Goodie Bone. This durable toy has what it takes to occupy your dog for hours on end.

Although these are great suggestions, every dog is different, and there is not one chew toy that every dog will love. It really takes time and a trial and error approach to find the chew toy that your dog will love, but we are certain that you will find the perfect option with us. We offer great deals on the best products, so shop with us today!

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MaryBeth said:

w/4 dogs ranging in size from Pit Bull to mini Schnauzer chew treats get expensive-any suggestions ?

SitStay Hannah

SitStay Hannah said:

Hi Marybeth,
This is an excellent question. Sweet potatoes, like our Sam’s Yams and Brown Begger brands, are able to be broken apart to give to your small ones while also being tough enough to be chewed on longer than a standard biscuit.
Hope this helps!

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