Wag You Tail Spotlight - Featuring Sophie & Alex Wag You Tail Spotlight - Featuring Sophie & Alex - SitStay

Wag You Tail Spotlight - Featuring Sophie & Alex

October 02, 2016

SitStay Blog Wag Your Tail Spotlight

We have a two very special dogs this week for our Wag Your Tail Spotlight Dog!

Their human Tracy shared with us:

I've had 2 very special labs in my life. The first was, Alex he was from the pound. He arrived just when I needed him. My father had been killed by a drunk driver and I was so lost. He saved my life.

The second, Sophie whom I recently returned in kind her unconditional love was 11. I'd often thought Alex sent her, knowing I'd need her. She helped me deal with my mother's mental illness, breakup of a 20 yr relationship and finally my most difficult time since my fathers death, my twins leaving for college. That was so very difficult on both of us actually, we held each other upright.

Again, sadly the day after Morhers Day this year we said goodbye.

Now I find strenght in knowing how blessed I was to have had 2 amazing dogs in my life.

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