Help! My dog drank some of my Coffee. Is this bad? Help! My dog drank some of my Coffee. Is this bad? - SitStay

Help! My dog drank some of my Coffee. Is this bad?

September 26, 2016 4 Comments

SitStay Blog Help! Is coffee bad for dogs?

Have you recently caught your canine pal sneaking sips of coffee? Are you worried that your precocious pup might end up injuring themselves or worse? For pups and people the saying "everything in moderation" applies. Too much caffeine can cause serious suffering for your pet. Here are a few ways you can prevent this from happening.

Caffeine Chaos

Tea bags, diet pills, soda and numerous energy drinks contain a surplus of caffeine, so if your furry friend decides to partake, you may have to make a quick trip to the vet. Depending on the weight of your dog and the amount of caffeine ingested can determine the likelihood your curious canine will need medical attention. Per 2.2 pounds of your pet's weight, 150 mg of caffeine is lethal. Typically an average cup of percolated coffee is 100 mg.

Tell-tail Signs of a Caffeine Overdose

If your pet has indulged in some caffeine-laden drink or food, you need to know what warning signs to look for in case of an emergency. Typically one to two hours after your pup has ingested caffeine, poisoning symptoms begin to show. Below is a list of symptoms that a dog suffering from an overdose of caffeine may experience:

  • Tremors
  • Regurgitation
  • Restlessness
  • Hurried heart rate
  • Seizures
  • Body collapses

It's best to withhold caffeine infused drinks from your four-legged family members. Because there are so many unknown factors that could induce unnecessary suffering after a dog ingests coffee, keep your canines safe from the what-ifs by keeping coffee out of their reach. Safeguard your pet by being aware that coffee is not a dog's best friend! The pep in their steps shouldn't come from coffee! The key to your best friend's happiness is their living caffeine-free! 

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Sandra Simmons
Sandra Simmons

April 26, 2018

I had a shih-tzu that weighed 25lbs. Every morning when my daughter would be getting ready for school she’d put her coffee on the dressing bench while she went into the bathroom to apply her makeup but when she returned to get dressed and have her coffee it would be gone. Every morning it was screaming,hollering and barking because the dog had gotten into the coffee no matter where it was moved to the dog found it & got into it. This became a morning ritual till I couldn’t take the noise anymore. So instead of relaxing with her coffee b4 school she had to drink it at once. We never have our coffee without a creamer. However this was b4 we found out that coffe was a no-no for dogs. We used to have mutts and they ate everything & never had a sick day in their lived. Now our dog is on organic limited ingredient kibble. Fresh raw carrots, asparagus, fresh wild caught salmon. And see his vet several x’s a year, and dental cleanings. But the dog never had any reactions from the coffee in the mos. He drank it. He passed 7yrs. Shy of his 17th birthday. He was my heart! I had him every since he was 8 weeks old. I’ll never forget him. Have a yorkie now yrs old. And he is the one on I have on this health kick.

SitStay Hannah
SitStay Hannah

October 03, 2017

Hello Mary and Valentina,
If a dog ingests coffee it can lead to poisoning. You’ll want to look for these symptoms: Tremors, Regurgitation, Restlessness, Hurried heart rate, Seizures, and/or Body collapses. These can be signs that your pup.
If you are ever in concern for your dog always contact your vet and take them in.


September 30, 2017

I have a dauschund she drank half my cup of coffee and I’m terrified will she be okay she has to be tell me

Mary perez
Mary perez

September 26, 2017

What happened to dog when they drank coffee

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