Wag Your Tail Spotlight - KC

Please meet this week's Wag Your Tail Spotlight Dog, KC!

KC's human Karon C shared with us:

KC, is my pride and joy, we kept him back from our Tia's third litter, I wanted to keep him from the minute he was born, but hesitated as we had lost Karne, our much loved white rescue boy earlier that same year and I was worried I would continually compare them.  But it was like he already knew he was staying and had picked us, as he just refused to interact with any of the prospective new owners.

By 8 weeks, I was telling people who called we had no males available. I needed have worried as KC is so different from how Karne was.  He is such a  loving and quirky boy. He loves watching cartoons and any program with dogs and he is a big soft bundle of fluff loving everybody and everything, he loves my pet rats and totally loved our house rabbit Bugsy, who sadly passed away late last year.  He also lets my son's puppy pug bully him as he is just too soft to tell him off.  

One day whilst out walking a young boy asked if he could pet KC and I said yes as KC loves kids and what a good job as the boy didn't stroke him as I thought he would he threw his arms around KC's neck and gave him a huge cuddle, which KC lapped up. I don't think anyone could find a better loving family member as my boy KC.  

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