Wag Your Tail Spotlight Featuring Mollie

Please meet this week's Wag Your Tail Spotlight Dog, Mollie!

Mollie's human, Todd S. wrote:

"She is part lab and part flat coat retriever approximately 8 months old. I rescued her from the humane society at the beginning of January. I was prescribed a therapy/companion service dog by the therapist. I wasn't able to afford an actual trained dog due to the extremely high cost, so I looked in our local Humane Society and found Mollie, I actually changed her name from Roxy to Mollie,but anyway she is in the beginning stages of her basic training before she starts her therapy training. Hopefully things will go well we are inseparable she has stolen the key to my heart."

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Katherine Evans

Katherine Evans said:

My Sisy was found in a rescue that the humane society later shut down due to lack of medical care and. They were about to put her down becasuse she kept snapping at people out of fear. She had been beatean, starved, kicked ( in the mouth) and burned. The flies ate up her ears and eyes so bad she was bloody. I worked on her and she healed up beautifully. Nest thing you know, she was alerting on my diabetes. So into training she went. She now alerts on friends too. Never know when she’ll start working but sometimes even on strangers. She has so much love to give, what a gift from God.


Mike said:

This is awesome I wish you two the best in life together.
My goal within the next two years to become a professional dog trainer I want to train service dogs. I have a daughter who is type 1 diabetic I wanna focus on dogs for that and train others your story touched me.


Gidget said:

Mollyis beautiful and she will be a very loving, intelligent dog with a big heart and will always want to please you. I am so glad she has found her forever home with you. I know she will make a wonderful therapy dog for you. Good luck and good girl Molly!!!!

Jessi M

Jessi M said:

Don’t worry Todd I had to do the same thing. Billy worked out for me and Mollie will be not only your best friend but she will change your whole life. Even when it gets tough just turn to her and she’ll always be there for you.

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