Top 8 Adorable Star Wars Dog Costumes that will crack you up!

With the recent release of the new Star Wars movies, fans everywhere are getting into character, even their dogs!  Here are some die hard dogs who LOVE Star Wars!

1. He chose the dark side...

Star Wards Dog #1

Robb Wilson @ flickr

2. Man's best friend, dogs are. 

Mans best friend, everyone knows that dogs are!

istolethetv @ flickr

3. Wicket's Cousin

Ewok Star Wars Dog

istolethetv @ flickr

4. He's on the hunt for whatever you are eating. 

Boba Star Wars Dog

Chad Francis @ flickr

5. Pug Vader

Darth Vadar Star Wars Dog

Petful @ flickr

6. Would someone get this walking carpet out of my way... 

princess leia Star Wars Dog


7. The Force is Strong with this Stare. 

Darth Vadar Star Wars Dog

Mike McCune @ flickr

8. Feed  Me, You Will. 

Yoda Dog Star Wars

remitaylor @ flickr

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