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ProDen Plaque Off 60 gram container


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ProDen PlaqueOff Animal For Dogs & Cats


For Healthier Teeth & Gums

Adding ProDen PlaqueOff Animal to dry or wet food every day helps improve tooth and gum health in cats and dogs. It is a patented, unique and completely natural food supplement and is formulated with only specially selected seaweed (D 1 070) found to have specific beneficial effects for oral care.  Contains no artificial colors, preservatives, gluten or sugar. Improvement is seen within 3-8 weeks, including better breath and a reduction or softening of plaque and tartar. A small bottle will last up to a year for a small dog or cat or around 3 months for a large or giant dog.

  • Effective against bad breath, tartar and plaque
  • Granules are easily added to food every day
  • Free from artificial colors, preservatives, gluten and sugar
  • Completely natural
  • Improvement seen within 3-8 weeks
  • Works systemically through saliva
  • bottle is 60 grams of powder


The only dental product that works systemically through the blood stream!

Unlike other methods of plaque control, ProDen PlaqueOff Animal works systemically and is thought to disrupt the biofilm, reducing levels of plaque and calculus as well as improving breath odor.

There are no known side effects; however, due to the rich iodine content of seaweed, this product is not recommended for animals undergoing treatment for certain thyroid conditions.

Directions:  Add ProDen Plaque to dry or wet food on a daily basis.

Daily dosage
Average Supply Based on 60gm Size
Small Dogs & Cats up to 25 lbs
1/2 scoop
1 year
Medium Dogs 25-50 lbs
1 scoop
6 months
Large & Giant Dogs over 50 lbs
2 scoops
3 months

ProDen PlaqueOff has not been tested on pregnant, whelping or lactating bitches therefore we suggest that it not be given during this period.

Scoop measurement: 1/3 of a 1/8 teaspoon measure.


 Ingredients: Natural plant marine algae D1070, minerals and trace minerals 22%, fibre 6%, proteins with all amino acids 6%, Omega-3 fatty acids 2%.

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    Posted by Unknown on 5th Jun 2015

    Have five doxies and fighting plaque has been a non stop battle. About all i can say is "this product really works!

  2. just started

    Posted by Dallas mommy on 15th May 2015

    Just started using this about 4 days and I have notice her breath isn't as bad.. it does say will start seeing results in 3-7 wks..So in 7 wks her breath and plaque on her teeth should be really great..Will do another review then..

  3. It actually works.

    Posted by Pat on 2nd Jan 2015

    I am a huge skeptic when it comes to items like Plaque Off. I thought it sounded too good to be true. I am glad I ordered Plaque Off, it works! My dogs breath is better than it used to be and there is a noticeable decrease in the amount of plaque on her teeth. I would recommend this product.

  4. Works amazing!!!

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Jul 2014

    I have a 13yr old hound dog and a 5yr chihuahua both were starting to have noticeable plaque on their teeth. I tried brushing and that did not go so well :( My Chihuahua had horrible bad breath too(like knock you over bad breath)! I had just resigned myself to the cost of having their teeth cleaned when my sister recommended this product. I wish I had taken before pictures. It doesn't work instantly, it took about 2 weeks to see a difference. There is a big difference with both of them now and no more bad breath!