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Kong Genius MIKE toy

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  • Challenges and entertains dogs
  • Made in the USA
  • Connect together
  • Dishwasher safe

Dogs love to play games and they love to chew. Well, most dogs love to play games and all the others need to be learning how. All dogs have, have, have to chew, it's in their nature. Kong Genius is fun. Playing with toys and working for their food and treats mentally and physically stimulates a dog, that means your dog will be smarter and will learn to learn more quickly. Dogs who work for their food and treats are happier dogs.

Kong Genius is interactive. Put dry food or treats inside and your dog will interact with the toy trying to get the food out. Hook them together (Mikes can't be connected with each other, you'll need at least one Leo). You'll both have so much fun! Your dog is playing...and you'll be laughing, watching them work out the problems. Or maybe you'll get a quiet chance to read that book you've been wanting to get to while the dog plays. Aren't you both so smart!

It's a great toy for hide and seek too. Your dog watches you fill the toy with food. You put the dog on a sit stay (what a great name for a store!), then you go hide the toy. Come back to your dog and say, "Go find it!" Your dog will find the toy, get the treats out and want to play again.

Solve chewing problems around the house. Take your dog with the Kong Genius stuffed full of treats or dry food to the place in the house where he was chewing on the door, the couch, the bed, the cat...and give him the toy. Supervise while your dog plays. He'll soon understand that chewing this is way more fun than chewing on that! Saves you money and vet bills and you get to watch the fun. When you go off to work, leave Kong Genius toys filled with dry food around the house...your dog will spend time finding the toys, eating the food, then taking a nap. So many good things come from chewing and playing.

This toy is for average chewers. Please supervise play with chew toys.

Brand: Kong
Made in the USA


X-Large, Mike 7.3 x 3.5

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Kong Genius 06:04

An interactive toy that will keep your dog busy.

  • Kong Genius
    An interactive toy that will keep your dog busy.

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  1. Best Kong Toy yet

    Posted by GothamGirl on 14th May 2014

    I have a large Golden Retriever who loves to chew. It's really hard to find a chew that can keep him busy and at the ripe old age of nine, he's a master of getting treats out of Kongs. The long, narrow shape of the Genius Mike, though, has presented a new, stimulating challenge for him, and so far we only have the one piece. Imagine how hard he'll have to work when we get a few other pieces! I've been stuffing this with bully snacks and a little peanut butter, and our dog is thrilled.