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Tail-Spin Flyer Floating Frisbee


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Tail Spin Flyer Floating Frisbee

  • Easy to throw
  • Gentle on your dog's mouth
  • Folds for pocket or purse
  • Bright colors are easy to see
  • They float
Small 6.5" diameter
Large 10" diameter
X-Large 12" diameter

If you have a "Frisbee dog" the Tail-Spin Flyer Frisbee (formerly known as Soft Bite Floppy Disc) is a must have! Take it to the park, beach, even your back yard and have hours of fun! It's easy to throw and is soft and gentle on your dog's mouth. Throw it far and watch the disc as it glides through the air into your pet's mouth or watch as it floats in the water.

The tailspin flyer frisbee colors are very vibrant and it would be hard for you to lose it. Oh and by the way, it folds up to fit into your pocket or your purse. So when you are out with your dog, pull out your Tail-Spin Flyer and let the games begin!

This is not a chew toy. Always supervise play time.

Brand: Aspen Pet Products
Made in China

For frisbess dogs, the tail spin frisbee is the perfect dog toy. 

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    Posted by Ginger on 5th Nov 2014

    I have a 5-yr old Lab/Pit mix that weighs 75+ lbs. who LOVES to chew up his toys! I've bought other Frisbees, and by the time the day is over they go in the trash. The Tail Spin Flyer is the ONLY one he doesn't chew. Plus, it's the easiest Frisbee to throw. It goes a really long way with hardly any effort at all. Add to that the fact that you can easily see it in the grass or in the dirt. Another great feature is it won't hurt his mouth. I'll never buy another brand!!

  2. Great Toy

    Posted by Unknown on 4th Oct 2014

    The Tail Spin Flyer was recommended by a friend. It was also well received by my Lab. It is well constructed and the fabric is durable and washable. It was thoroughly enjoyed by members of this household.

  3. lots of fun

    Posted by Mrs. R on 25th Apr 2014

    My dogs two German Shepherds love playing frisbee with this soft frisbee. It's easy for them to catch and it doesn't hurt their mouths to catch it. I go through a lot of these frisbees because they don't last very long. My dogs play tug of war with it and it usually tears. It's the only frisbee my dogs will use rand I've tried many different types soft and hard. The only reason I gave it three stars is because it doesn't take wear and tear too well and it has a film on the bottom of it that eventually comes off, and I have to pull it off my dogs mouths because I don't want them to swallow it for I don't know what it is made of. They say it is floatable but my dogs hate water and we do not use it in the pool, but I'm sure it works well in water. My only concern about that would be that film that comes off. Over all I'm very pleased with this frisbee I've been using these frisbees for seven years.

  4. Best soft frisbee out there!

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Feb 2014

    These fly good, are tough and can be used as a tug! Great toy !

  5. Fun for my Dog

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Nov 2013

    As long as I keep through it, my dog loves it. He is a Jack Russell and it takes a long time for him to tire out. If I'm not paying attention and throwing it for him, he quickly chews through the material and gets to the rubber hose inside. Then I have to buy more. At least this web site, has them for a very reasonable price. I may have to get myself on auto re-order for theses. :-)

  6. Protects our dog's mouth

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Sep 2013

    All of our GS dogs have loved this frisbee! We initially used the plastic ones but the shepherds chew the edge and then they get rough and cut the dog's mouth. I would rate this 5 stars if the center fabric was a little more durable. Ours always fail there first with an initial puncture and then a rip.

  7. Excellent Choice

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Aug 2013

    I ordered 2 of these as I have ordered them before and they
    are great!!! The colors are very bright and can be seen golden loves them!!!!! I always order the X-Large....This is a great company to do business with!!!

  8. A winner!

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Feb 2013

    This is one of our dog's favorite toys!They hold up and are soft on the dog's mouth. When they get muddy they are easily washed and as good as new. Bright color is easily seen in snow or grass or mud!