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Mendota Colorfast UV Protected Large Slip Lead, 1/2" x 6 ft

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 Mendota Colorfast UV Protected Large Slip Lead, 1/2" x 6 ft:

  • Slip lead style 
  • 1/2 inch by 6 feet long
  • Big soft handle
  • Waterproof
  • Won't bleed color onto your dog when wet
  • One size fits all neck sizes
  • Made in the USA


Leash and collar in one design. Soft to the touch, not rigid. Adjustable leather slide eliminates slipping off, yet releases properly in relaxed position. Handy for walks or anywhere where you want to put a leash on quickly. The multifilament polypropylene roping and webbing is waterproof and colorfast showing no performance loss when wet. All are UV coated to protect against decay and fading. One size fits all.

"Broken-in" feel is gentle on hands and allows easy folding to fit in your coat or vest pocket. Full grained, oil tanned leather is used to strengthen splices. All hardware is cast of non-corrosive bright brass for flawless performance.

Brand: Mendota
Handcrafted in the USA

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  1. Versatile leash, not just for hunters

    Posted by Mark on 22nd Aug 2014

    Slip leads are favoured for field sports in the UK, and I'm honestly surprised they're not seen more often here in the States. This is a leash and collar in one, so the hunter can keep the dog under control all the way to the field, and either make corrections as necessary in the field or slip the dog to run unencumbered by a collar which may get caught on brush or other obstacles.

    Nor are slip leads for hunters alone. If, for example, you have a dog who gets anxious come walk time, and won't sit still enough to clip a traditional leash onto the collar (or who doesn't wear a collar at home, and needs that put on as well), a slip lead will save you some time and frustration: simply slip it over the dog's head, snug it up, and you're ready to go.

    This one is of very good construction, of British style but made in the States with polypro rope, oil-tanned leather, and brass fittings. Highly recommended.

  2. BEST slip lead around

    Posted by RM on 3rd Jul 2013

    I love love love this slip lead. I have 4 rescues, some flight risks, some with special needs and a ton of strays that have zero issue with this lead. It allows me to keep the collars in good shape.
    I buy this collar for any stray or foster we find a home for and any friend or family member that adds a a new pup to their family, this is their gift (and a kong).
    I've bought all types of slip leads, including the Cesar lead and this quality beats them all hands down. The road is sturdy while still soft so that it doesn't irritate necks and the leather piece to tighten stands up to even the strongest of dogs. Those are both issues I've had with all the other collar/lead combos I've had before. And best of all, it's less expensive!

    Would highly recommend this leash to anyone. Don't waste your money trying out others - this is the best.