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Wag Your Tail Spotlight - Honey & Elsa

Honey is a Maltese Shitzu and toy poodle and was tied into a garbage bag and dumped in 2013. In the photo, she is wearing the pink harness and is doing her best to ignore Elsa.

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Wag Your Tail Spotlight - April

Please meet this week's Wag Your Tail Spotlight Dog, April!

April's human Richard P. shared with us:

I would like for you to meet my second best friend, APRIL.. ( My wife is my first best friend, but after 35 years together,...

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Where to find Training for Guide Dogs

Dogs are intelligent animals whose instinctive versatility fit well into a variety of roles. They are and have been valued police officer partners, treasured family members, best friends and irreplaceable helpers to those with special needs. Canines trained as guide...

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