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Great Deals on High Quality Service Dog Vests

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Dogs truly are man’s best friend. It is not uncommon to consider dogs to be just pets that keep us company, but there are so many people that depend on dogs day after day. Dogs have been guiding the blind since the 18th century, and right now there are approximately 387,000 service dogs in the United States alone. These dogs do miraculous things for us day after day, and they deserve to be treated with the utmost respect. At Sit Stay we do everything that we can to honor these amazing dogs, including providing them with the very best service dog vests.

We have a wide variety of the very best service dog vests around. We have several sizing options so that we can accommodate for every size of dog. We have vests that are easy to put your very own patches on, and we also have vests that come ready to wear with patches. The patches are an excellent addition for any service dog because they tell people that your dog is working. You can get one that says “Don’t pet me”, one that says “Ask to pet me”, and so much more. This will greatly cut down on strangers attempting to pet your dog while they are trying to concentrate.

Service dogs do so much for us, and they deserve only the best service dog vests. If you want high quality products at an affordable price then you need to shop with us. We are your premier source for dog supplies.