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WalkyDog the AMAZING Dog Walking Attachment for BIKES

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WalkyDogNow you can have your dog share in the fun of a bike ride! Great exercise for you and your dog.

The WalkyDog lets you relax and enjoy the company of friends and family while taking your dog along on bike rides. No need to leave your dog at the house or fumble with a lead. The WalkyDog, "the third hand on your bike", handles your dog for you. It puts you back in charge! Your dog will very soon realize this and restrain itself, even when passing a cat, squirrel or other distraction.

We used to carry the Springer but after using the WalkyDog, we like it much better and think you will too. Here's why:

  • The very high quality of the materials and construction impressed us
  • Overall the unit is just easier to use than the Springer (in our opinion)
  • A simple clamp attaches to your bicycle without damaging your frame
  • No gluing of pads to your bike like the Springer requires in some cases
  • The WalkyDog is 15 inches in length. The attached "lead" is 8 inches long and will extend to 12 inches when stretched.
  • The WalkyDog can easily be mounted in just 5 minutes on any bicycle with a seat post that is 2-1/2" - 4" in circumference
  • Includes a wrench so you don't need to find your tools
  • Add another clamp to a second bike and you can easily share your WalkyDog
  • Internal springs provide shock absorption if your dog should jerk away, making it easier to keep your balance
  • It is very light and can be removed in seconds via a quick release for those times when you don't want to take your dog
  • When you park your bike, simply disengage the WalkyDog and use it as a leash
  • You can even install two on a bike and walk a dog on both sides
  • See it in action: (Movie 1)   (Movie 2)

"I've used the WalkyDog and the Springer on the same bike and I like the WalkyDog better. Mainly because it is so much easier to work with (install, remove, deal with on a daily basis). The WalkyDog does have a higher center of gravity but it doesn't seem to have a greater tendency to be pulled over. I think the reason is that the dog would have to pull at nearly a 90 degree angle to have any chance of pulling the bike over. Otherwise they are just pulling it mostly forward or mostly backward. I have never had a problem with it. If you have a big dog with a huge tendency to jerk and pull, it could be an issue but with a little training, that wouldn't be an issue." - Kent

The WalkyDog can be used with a collar or harness. We think the harness would be safer for your dog as it eliminates any choking hazard but it would increase the leverage your dog has with your bike. So you'll have to be the judge on whether to use a harness or a collar.

The WalkyDog can be used for breeds that are a little closer to the ground. The WalkyDog "lead" can be extended to a maximum of 12 inches. If you find that the combination of the height of your bike and the 12 inch lead isn't enough, you can attach the WalkyDog lead to another lead for additional length or, you can pretty easily replace the cord used in the WalkyDog lead with a cord of a custom length. You can purchase cord of this type at many hardware stores.


  1. Start out slow, and allow your dog to get back in shape at a moderate pace.
  2. Let your dog set the pace.
  3. Avoid biking in hot weather.
  4. On longer trips bring along a water bottle for your dog.
  5. Slow down (easy trotting) when biking on paved surfaces.
  6. Frequently check your dog's pads for wear.
  7. Slow down and be considerate when meeting other bike trail users, especially children.

Brand: WalkyDog
Made in China

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