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Polkadog Twisted Cod Skin, Single-Ingredient, Dog Jerky (USA Handmade) *Available in Bulk*


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Polkadog Twisted Cod Skin, Single-Ingredient, Dog Jerky. (USA Handmade):

Voted 2013 Favorite Dog Treat of the Year

SitStay dogs are big fans of cod fish skins; the single ingredient chews are plural in their health benefits.

Polkadog Bakery is a pretty hip company located in Boston. Twisted Cod Skins are fruit of their labor - and the fisherman sailing into their east coast docks. Each twist is about a foot long and with every quarky turn is crunch, omega-3 fatty acids, freshness and bold flavor. These chews make a fantastic alternative to rawhide and bully chews. Fish skins also make a great alternative treat for dogs with allergies to chicken, beef or lamb proteins. The best thing about this product - IT COMES IN BULK!

Polka Cod Skin For Dogs

  • Made in USA (Boston, actually)
  • Dehydrated & rolled by hand (no manufacturing stress)
  • Flavorful and aromatic to satisfy the picky nose
  • Lots of crunch & chew to support dental health
  • 4.7 oz ships in a cute & convenient tube packaging (LOVE having this on my countertop)
  • BULK size available - large baggie full of twisted happiness! Very economical choice!

Ingredients : Cod Skin

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein (Min) 82%
Crude Fat (Min) 2%
Crude Fiber (Max) 0%
Moisture (Max) 10%

Size: 4.7 oz OR 2lb (BULK) 

MADE: USA (Boston)
BRAND: Polkadog Bakery 

Cod skin for dogs are a nutritious and delicous treat that your dog will just love. Pick some up today!

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Product Reviews

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    Posted by Eva Eddlemon on 27th Sep 2015

    My 9 year old toy poodle, George, loves fish treats. Lately he has a little trouble with the other fish skins getting stuck in his throat. So I thought I better change to Polkadog -- these are fantastic. I snapped these into thirds and George is crazy about them -- like a potato chip. He has no problem swallowing and mom is very happy!

  2. Fabulous

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Aug 2015

    My dogs with serious food allergies absolutely love these, and enjoy them with no problems!

  3. Dogs love them!

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Aug 2015

    My two Australian Terriers love these. They can crunch one up in less that a minute (have timed it) so definitely not a long lasting treat.

    My only issue is the smell - for me eau de fish is gross, but the dogs think it's quite nice and that's what counts the most. (I just don't breathe when handing them out.)

    They are easy to break in half if you want a smaller treat.

    Nice to know where these are made - and the 2# bag is good for any household with more than one dog.

  4. Great treat

    Posted by Echo's Mom on 2nd Jul 2015

    My dog loves these. He has GI issues and these are gentle on his stomach. The sticks are big and he loves to crunch away. He feels this is quite a special treat.

  5. Favorite treat

    Posted by Pam on 22nd May 2015

    My huskies love these treats! I love them because they have one ingredient and I know my dogs are getting something good for them.


    Posted by Annonymous on 3rd May 2015

    This is one of the best treats for dogs with allergies and who cannot chew on bones. It is light and easy to break into smaller pieces. Mr. Gus loves the crunchy sound as he "inhales" it. Being able to buy them in a 2-lb bag is AWESOME! Please do not ever stop stocking this treat.

  7. I need more...

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd May 2015

    according to my dog. We will have to buy these again. Wulf loves them, and there is no heavy fishy odor.

  8. Extra Crunchy

    Posted by Bill DeVine on 24th Apr 2015

    This is the third 2 pound bag of these Sophie's had, and she loves them. Hope to share with some rescue dogs tomorrow and let everybody have a good crunch.
    If only they were a bit less costly...

  9. Favorite treat

    Posted by Vicky on 8th Mar 2015

    My dog absolutely loves these cod skins! They can be easily broken into smaller pieces which works great for her because she only weighs six pounds. The best deal is the bulk package by far.


    Posted by Lori on 15th Jan 2015

    I found these treats in a specialty pet shop and was told they are like "doggie potato chips." My dog absolutely adores them! Every night when we come home from work he runs to his bed and sits patiently, looking at me waiting for a codskin. Best value is to purchase them in bulk. They are smelly but he absolutely goes nuts for them, so it is worth it.

  11. Best treat ever!

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Dec 2014

    My dog absolutely LOVES these! He gets one a day & knows exactly when it's time to get it, too.

  12. My dog's favorite treat!

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Dec 2014

    At 3:30pm everyday, he goes to the freezer taps the door with his nose & then comes back to me to tell me "It's time!" Best treat ever!

  13. Doggie crack!

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Dec 2014

    My dog, Newman, lives for these! And kismet, my cat, loves them too!

  14. Best treat ever!

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Oct 2014

    My Newfoundland knows exactly when it's 3:30pm & time for his jerky. Love this treat for him!

  15. my dogs can't live without it!

    Posted by Lorraine on 29th Jun 2014

    My two Bichons get a piece of crunchy cod skin every day. They demand it! There is no strong smell, and they can be broken into smaller pieces to make sure everbody gets their share. These skins are not greasy at all. I feel these are much safer than rawhide.

  16. Lip smacking, crunching, super delicious

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Feb 2014

    This is Fledge's favorite treat! He loves to crunch it, and chew it up. He would eat the whole container in a few minutes if I let him. I break it into smaller pieces. No strong odor or oily residue. Love it!

  17. Fantastic Fish!

    Posted by Ellen on 8th Feb 2014

    12 paws up for this treat! All three dogs were nearly besides themselves waiting for me to hand this out. They couldn't sit still while I cut the long stick into 3 mostly equal part. The each scampered off to separate corners to crunch it up. MY hounds loved it!

  18. Yummy

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Feb 2014

    My boy Petey is so excited to receive these you would think I was giving him gold he runs to the treat bin and stares if you don't see him trust me he will come and get you all 55 lbs. I always try and give him treats that are healthy and they crunch up good. Yeah good stuff

  19. wonderful!

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Dec 2013

    My dogs adored these. Very smelly, very tasty, and gone very soon. They have allergies, so the fish chews are a good choice for them.

    The chews were easy to cut to convenient lengths when necessary.
    I also liked the jumbo bag!

    I very much liked that they're made in the USA!

  20. Great Quality

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Dec 2013

    These are great quality. We purchased a bulk bag after my rescued Goldens fell in love with them.

  21. We love these

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Dec 2013

    My three labs have always loved fish skins. We love the Elinora's skins so we thought we would try these. The ladies loved them. The crunch was a great surprise. You can tell the quality of them right away when I opened the tube. Love when treats are made with care like these skins are. Will buy these regularly.