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NozToNoz n2 Series Sof Krate Replacement Cover (All Sizes) (price varies by size)

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NozToNoz n2 Series Sof Krate Replacement Cover

  • Fits NoztoNoz N2 Soft Crate Frames
  • Easy to install

These are the complete outer shell for NoztoNoz Model n2 Sof-Krate. Each cover contains all the cloth/mesh/zippers to replace a damaged shell and give you a useable crate once again. Please note: This is the cover only and does not include the metal framework.

NOTE: These n2 Series replacement covers CANNOT be used on X Series Sof-Krates.

If you're looking for Noz to Sof Krate / Crates, we have several options available.

NoztoNoz Sof Krate N2-21 - For up to 15lbs

NoztoNoz Sof Krate N2-26 - For up to 30lbs

NoztoNoz Sof Krate N2-30 - For up to 40lbs

NoztoNoz Sof Krate N2-36 - For up to 70lbs

NoztoNoz Sof Krate N2-42 - For up to 90lbs

Brand: Firstrax, Inc. 
Made in China


Model and Size Chart

21"L x 15"W x 15"H
All n2 series replacement covers are Green
26"L x 18"W x 21"H
30"L x 21"W x 23"H
36"L x 24"W x 27"H
42"L x 28"W x 31"H

The NozToNoz n2 Series Sof Krate / Crate Replacement Cover is a great product to keep your soft crate lasting for years to come. Pick one up today!

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  1. Crate cover

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Jul 2015

    It was easy to install. Great price without having to purchase a new crate

  2. Back to new

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Jun 2015

    This is an original equipment cover, replacing one that a loose dog had happily chewed beyond repair. Like having a brand new crate.

  3. Replacement cover for crate

    Posted by Mary Dumaresq on 15th May 2015

    Easy to install without instruction inside

  4. Replacement crate cover

    Posted by Karen M on 3rd May 2015

    Fits and made well. Better product than original!

  5. Like new for 1/2 the price!

    Posted by truesmom on 17th Apr 2015

    The replacement cover is exactly like the original. As long as you remember to collapse the crate the old cover is easy to remove (undo the Velcro) and easy to replace. Just make sure you know where the front of the crate is. Voila! Your crate is like new again!

  6. Great Product

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Mar 2015

    My original crate is about 12 years old and my dog was now able to pick apart the zipper, and then finally tore a hole in the door. Replacement cover arrived in less than a 2 weeks. I struggled to put it on and then figured it out. Someone mentioned collapsing the crate to remove the cover. That worked great. Keep crate collapsed to put cover on. Put on bottom and rear side, matching up with the corners. Then, to put on the top two corners of the front door, set up crate and let bars slide into corners. If it is difficult to fit, make sure all other corners are snug and there's no give. At first I thought I had gotten the wrong size, but after checking each corner and letting the bars do the work, it fits like a glove,

  7. Easily replaced

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Oct 2014


  8. Just what I wanted

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Aug 2014

    Just what I wanted! Added two new crates, and got replacement covers for the old crates. Now I don't have to worry about taking crates down and setting them up elsewhere. My only aggravation was the length of time it took to get them. Ordered July 5th and it took until August to get them. But happy I waited.

  9. Roomy, good ventilation for the warm months

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Jun 2014

    Like the replacement covers, they aren't easy to find and if you have a Noz 2Noz frame it's a good way to get a brand new crate.

  10. Like new crate

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Feb 2014

    The zippers went within a month of each other on our soft crates. We love these crates so I went searching for replacement covers & found them!
    The replacement covers were easy to put on the frame & we now have "like new" crates.

  11. pay attention to. warning

    Posted by hgr on 3rd Feb 2014

    I loved this crate and so did my puppy golden retriever Maddie. Unfortunately, at almost nine mos, she chewed her way out at the zipper. I found your replacement cover and was pleased. It arrived 6 days later. I should have known--- once again she chewed her way out. She has a soft mouth when it comes to toys etc. but she apparently wanted out and was not going to be deterred. The crate is of highest quality but I suggest people pay attention to warning.
    if pup starts to chew at zipper.

  12. Noz2Noz Soft Crates are the best.

    Posted by Denise on 21st Jan 2014

    I have used many different crates and the Noz2Noz is the most versitle, durable and by far the the best!! When I put on the new cover it is like I have a brand new crate!

  13. Glad this product exists!

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Jan 2014

    Our wheaten chewed up the plastic zipper on the door section of her soft crate when we used it at her caregiver's. Mistake - she was too anxious! Next time we'll take a hard crate. Anyway, we thought we'd have to get a whole new soft crate (for travel with her, only), only to discover that a replacement cover was available. It wasn't all that easy to put on - I rate this a 4 because there were no instructions included. We figured out, however, that we had to collapse the crate first to get the old cover off, and eventually were able to kind of force the new one on. Took two of us about 15 min to do.

  14. Like getting a new crate!

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Dec 2013

    My crate frames were still in good shape, but the covers weren't. I bought two new covers, and it's like having two brand new crates. They went on easily and are already in use!

  15. Best portable crate

    Posted by Jaye on 18th Nov 2013

    I love the design of these crates as much as my Bulldogs do

  16. Happy Lab Owner

    Posted by Mikes Labs on 6th Nov 2013

    N2N is by far the best! We purchased 2 when our 2 labs turned a year old. The labs are now 9 years and both have held up terriffic all these years and many travels. One of the covers got a tear in the window ( owner fault ) and a replacement made us happier. SitStay site was super and shipping , price , and fit was perfect! We have them on our fav list now.

  17. I highly recommend this product awesome.

    Posted by Kurtis Haysx on 7th Sep 2013

    I thought that I would have to buy another crate because when I came home from running errands all day I found my puppy had ripped and torn the crate. I began to search the internet for another crate when I came across this web site that sold replacement covers for soft crates I was ecstatic I found a replacement cover I ordered this cover. The covet came ppromptly when I opened the package there it was nice and new it looked big and you know nothing go's on like the original one but I was ecstatic when the cover slipped over the old frame and fit like a glove. I am very happy thank you thank you. Great product

  18. Excellent product!

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Jul 2013

    My original cover(s) lasted 4-5 years. I just love this crate and recommend them all the time!

  19. Lifesaver!

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Jul 2013

    When my dog chewed up the zipper on my Noztonoz crate, I thought it was a goner. I loved the crate and would have bought another, but I found the replacement cover on Sit Stay and ordered. It fit perfectly and was easy to put on. whew!

  20. Easy to install, great service

    Posted by Agility Lover on 23rd Mar 2013

    I bought the original crate in 2008 and use it frequently. It's so much easier than hauling around a heavy wire crate. The zipper finally gave out but the frame was still good. It was very cost effective to replace just the cover and it was easy to install. The service from SitStay was excellent. I received the cover just 6 days after ordering it.

  21. NoztoNoz n2 is great

    Posted by Lynn on 23rd Feb 2013

    We have not used the crate yet, but the quality is excellent and fits just like the original. It is much cheaper to buy a new cover than replace the entire crate. The shipping was amazingly fast when I mentioned I was moving and needed crates for my dogs on the trip.