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Jump Your Bones Green Lipped Mussels 2.82 oz (For Healthy Coats, Joint Health and Mobility.)

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Product Description

Green Lip Mussels: A Virtual Superfood!

Our Green Lip Mussel Treats are rich in healthy fish oils and omega 3 fatty acids that pet owners want to aid wellness in their growing and aging dogs. The 2.82 oz bag will be a great addition to any dog lovers assortment of treats.

Currently, there are numorous studies, reviews and reports that dogs with chronic pain, severe arthritis, and many other dibilitating illnesses find relief with this crunchy, tasty, smelly treat! 

 How can Green Lipped Mussel help your dog?

  • Green Lipped Mussel has proven anti inflammatory benefits for dogs with arthritis.  
  • Nutrients naturally contained in Green Lipped Mussel assist with the maintenance of joint health and mobility in dogs.
  • Green Lipped Mussel contains a wealth of healthy, naturally occurring nutrients considered essential to your dog(s) wellbeing including; iron, manganese and iodine.

Additionally, they are an amazing source of Omega Fatty Acids that both dogs and humans need for optimal health!

 Omega 3 fatty acids and healthy fish oils can help:

  • Reduce heart disease and inflammation
  • Contribute to over-all wellness
  • Improve healthy skin and coat
  • Help reduce joint inflammation and help boost joint function, exibility and mobility.

Think Green Lip Mussels might be the answer you have been looking for? We Do! 

This product has been consistantly treated to our own SitStay fur kids with fanastic results. In all four of our pups they each saw improvement in energy, digestion, mobility and overall health. Not only that, but these are their absolute favorite treats! You wouldn't believe how excited they get when they smell the bag open! 

It’s no wonder caring pet owners look for easy ways to get these healthy fats into their beloved pets’ diets. Our Green Lipped Mussels – produced in the unspoiled waters of New Zealand – are a nutritionally whole food with natural mineral balance; complex protein; polypeptides, and essential long chain unsaturated fatty acids.

To protect the nutritional value of these superior proteins, we process them with our cooling dehydration process. This locks in nutritional value and ensures long shelf life.

*It is always very important to consult with your vet before adding any supplement to your pet’s diet. Although no negative reactions have been reported in correlation with the use of the extract, it’s important to always keep a close eye on your pets when introducing them to new foods and supplements.*






Serving size:





100 g


  Quantity per Serving



% Daily Intake* (per serving)

Quantity per 100g






1605 KJ

383 (Cal)



1605 KJ

383 (Cal)




54.8 g

110 %

54.8 g

Fat- total







10.9 g

3.4 g

1.7 g

5.4 g

0.40 g

16 %

14 %

10.9 g

3.4 g

1.7 g

5.4 g

0.40 g

Carbohydrate , total



- sugars

15.9 g

Less than 1 g

5 %

<1 %

15.9 g

0.1 g





Moisture (air)

861 mg

37.4 (mmol)

37 %

861 mg

37.4 (mmol)


Omega 3Eicosapentaenoic (EPA)


Docosahexaenoic (DHA)

Omega 6

Alpha – Linolenic (ALA)

Eicosatrienoic (ETA)









* Percentage Daily intakes are base on an average adult diet of 8700kJ. Your daily intake may be higher or lower depending on your energy needs.

Ingredients: Green Lipped Mussels
Made In: USA, Sourced In: Australia

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  1. Customer for life!

    Posted by Kim L. and Jake on 12th Jul 2014

    Our Jake was hit by a car and required 2 operations to save his back leg. After the accident his recovery time was painfully slow. He had very limited mobility and had to be given pain meds and anti inflammatories several times a day. I ran across this product pretty much by accident but figured we would try it on the chance it actually worked. It was our miracle. Jake started to move around better within 2 weeks of receiving his one treat a day. It has only gotten better and the vet is amazed at the change. We are so thankful Jake is getting back to himself. Id recomend this to anyone and frequently do. I am glad to see you promoting it more. Thank you!