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Posted by Erin Reese on

Everyday thousands of people with disabilities all over the world are supported in many incredible ways by service dogs. At Sit Stay, we are determined to give back to these amazing dogs in every way that we can, and that includes providing them with the best service dog vests available. Service dogs change lives, and they deserve to be comfortable and happy while they are working.

Service dog vests are incredibly important. They help people to recognize that your dog is at work, and they can even give instructions on how to behave around for dog. For instance, some dogs need to be left alone so that they can concentrate, and in these cases it can be distracting for strangers to try and pet them, but we have a wonderful service dog patch that can prevent this kind of situation. Because it is necessary for your service dog to wear a vest, you want to make sure they are comfortable. Our vests are lightweight, durable, and are designed to fit comfortably.

Make sure that the world knows that you dog is at work, and help him or her to stay comfortable with our service dog vests. We sell high quality vests for a great price. If you are looking to save even more, feel free to sign up for our Newsletter. We are always updating it with the latest news, great deals, and so much more! We are your number one source for all things doggy related, so shop with us today.