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Service Dog Patches for Your Diabetes Service Dog

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It is no secret that diabetes is a growing problem, not just in the US, but all over the world! Although treatment has been improved in the last few years, the rates at which people are being diagnosed just keeps on growing. In fact, upwards of 30,000 people are newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes every single year. Insulin can help you to control your diabetes, but the constant highs and lows of blood sugar can lead to a variety of debilitating problems, which is why service dogs for diabetes are so miraculous. Your service dog keeps you safe and sound, thank them with one of our service dog patches.

When your blood sugar gets low, and the dizziness and headaches start to make themselves known, you will most likely grab some fruit juice or a cookie to even it out. The problem is that, with these kinds of snacks, it is all too easy to go beyond balancing out your blood sugar and end up with high blood sugar. Now that your blood sugar is high again, you wall need to take insulin to lower it, and the vicious cycle starts again. A service dog for diabetes will be able to sense the signs of an abnormal blood sugar and warn you before things get out of control.

The rate of diabetes diagnoses are unfortunately still growing. If you are a proud owner of a service dog, and you want to show them how thankful you are to them, a great place to start is by visiting us here at SitStay. We offer high quality gear for service dogs and pets alike. Don't wait, shop with us today.