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How to Cope With Chewing With Dog Chew Toys

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Dog owners often ask trainers how they can stop their dog from chewing. Well the answer is you can't. Chewing comes as naturally to dogs as breathing. Chewing can keep their teeth and gums healthy, relieve boredom, entertain, and relieve anxiety. A good dog owners doesn't discourage chewing, but teaches their dog better chewing habits. 

Helping your dog form good chewing habits is easier than you might think, but it will take some patience, determination and lots of consistency on your part. The idea is to discourage your dog from chewing on your shoes or your couch, while encouraging them to chew on dog chew toys. A good way to do this is to replace your shoe with a chew toy while they are chewing. You can also encourage the use of dog chew toys by putting food or treats in them. 

Consistency is one of the most difficult parts to training a dog to do anything, especially when you aren't able to keep your eyes on them 24/7. While your dog is learning it is a good idea to limit their space while you are gone. You could try kenneling them or putting them in a smaller room, like a utility room. You will want to leave them with water, a pee pad (if they aren't house trained yet) and plenty of dog chew toys to keep them busy. Keep in mind that a bored dog will learn bad habits, such as excessive barking, to keep themselves entertained. Keeping a wide variety of chew toys around is a good step to keeping them entertained while you are gone.