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Great Deals On Quality Service Dog Patches

Posted by Erin Reese on

Dogs are such a big part of our society and people are used to being able to pet them whenever they want to. It is not uncommon for a service do to be working in a public place and have several people come up and try to pet him or her. While, this is okay in some circumstances, a lot of the times your service dog cannot be distracted by others and they need to focus on the task at hand. At Sit Stay we offer high quality service dog patches that will inform others around you that your dog is at work.

We have a quality service dog patch for every kind of situation. Does your dog need to concentrate because they are still in training? The In Training Patch is a really good option that will tell others that your dog is working. Do you want other people to know that your dog is friendly and it is okay to pet them? The Ask To Pet Patch is a great choice and it lets others know that your dog is friendly. Are you sick of businesses asking you to remove your service dog when you enter their facility? The I Am A Service Dog Patch will help you to keep your dog next to you, and it will keep others from questioning you.

Although service dogs have been around for years, most people only see dogs as pets, and it is a very natural reaction for people to watch to pet your dog. Make sure that everyone knows that your dog is a service dog with one of our high quality service dog vests. We offer a wide variety and great deals. Shop our site today.