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Equip Your Dog With the Best Service Dog Vests

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Your service dog does quite a bit for you every single day. They can call the police when you need them, grab things from off of the floor for your, and they can even act as a guide. If you want to honor your service dog for each and every thing that they do for you then you are in the right place. At SitStay we strive to honor those amazing service dogs with the very best service dog vests and patches. 

We have a wide variety of service dog vests for you to choose from. We have one for every need and one for every size of dog. We have many options so that you can customize with your own patches, and we also have a variety of ready-to-wear vests that are good to go from the minute you unpack them! One of our most popular ready-to-wear service dog vests is the I'm a Service Dog Vest. This vest is made of 2 layers of high quality, super durable nylon. This vest is made especially to be lightweight and comfortable for your dog. The best part is that it comes ready with professionally sewn patches, so all you have to do is unpack and put the vest on your dog.

There is no real adequate way that we can say thank you to our k-9 companions, but a good place to start is with a service dog vest that will be comfortable for them. We are proud to say that our vests are made of the very best materials right here in the United States. We offer great deals on our unparalleled products. Free shipping is available on every order or $75 or more when you shop with us today.